LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, May 25, 2023

Workshop program

Ninth Language-theoretic Security (LangSec) IEEE Security & Privacy Workshop

Preliminary Program (All times are in US Pacific time)

8:30-8:40amOpening Words from the Organizers
8:40-9:40amKeynote (Session chair: Sergey Bratus): EverParse: Secure Binary Data Parsers for Everyone. Tahina Ramananandro (Microsoft)
9:40-9:50amSpecial announcement (online): Announcing a new public corpus of PDF files. Simson Garfinkel/Tim Allison (JPL)
10:20am-12:00pmFirst Session: Research Papers (Session chair: Nathan Dautenhahn)
"A Survey of Parser Differential Anti-Patterns". Sameed Ali and Sean W. Smith (Dartmouth College).
"PolyDoc: Surveying PDF Files from the PolySwarm Network". Prashant Anantharaman, Robert Lathrop, Rebecca Shapiro and Michael Locasto (Narf Industries).
"Automating Program Reasoning with the Object-Encapsulation Model". Yudi Yang (Rice University), Weijie Huang (Rice University), Kelly Kaoudis (Trail of Bits) and Nathan Dautenhahn (Rice University).
"Unsupervised clustering of file dialects". Michael Robinson (American University), Tate Altman (American University), Denley Lam (BAE Systems) and Letitia Li (BAE Systems).
12:00-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pmKeynote (Session chair: Sean Smith): Adversarial Logic. Julien Vanegue (Bloomberg)
2:30-2:40pmShort break
2:40-3.30pm Second Session: Research Papers (Session chair: Michael Clark)
"DISV: Domain Independent Semantic Validation of Data Files". (online) Ashish Kumar (Penn State University), Bill Harris (Galois Inc.) and Gang Tan (Penn State University).
"Blind Spots: Identifying Exploitable Program Inputs". Henrik Brodin, Evan Sultanik and Marek Surovič (Trail of Bits).
3:30-3:50pm Afternoon Break
3:50-5:00pmThird Session: Research Reports (15 mins) and Work-in-progress (10 mins) (Session chair: Sergey Bratus)
"Automatically Detecting Variability Bugs Through Hybrid Control and Data Flow Analysis". Henrik Brodin, Kelly Kaoudis and Evan Sultanik (Trail of Bits).
"Synthesizing Intrusion Detection System Test Data". Jared Chandler (Tufts University) and Adam Wick (Fastly).
"dippy_gram: Grammar-Aware, Coverage-Guided Differential Fuzzing". Ben Kallus and Sean W. Smith (Dartmouth College).
"Corpus-wide Analysis of Parser Behaviors via a Format Analysis". (online) Pottayil Harisanker Menon and Walt Woods (Galois Inc.)
"Language-Theoretic Data Collection to Support ICS". Gabriel Weaver (Idaho National Laboratory) and Dan Gunter (Insane Forensics).
5:00-5:05pmBest Paper Award